Happy wedding! To celebrate his wedding anniversary, Paul George built a large house with a swimming pool for his family

In a recent shift, Paul “PG-13” George, a prominent NBA sensation, found himself traded to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Despite this recent relocation, George, hailing from Palmdale, California, and his enduring partner Daniela Rajic, have swiftly embraced their affinity for the West Coast. Happy wedding!

Demonstrating their commitment, the duo has undertaken an upgrade to their local domicile, opting to invest substantially in their residential upgrade.

According to official records, George ventured into a substantial expenditure, amounting to nearly $16.1 million, to acquire a lavish three-story estate in Pacific Palisades, situated within the realm of Los Angeles’ opulently priced Westside.

Interestingly, the chosen Palisades abode bears a lineage of illustrious occupants. Despite its relative youth, having been constructed a mere five years ago in late 2014, the house has already witnessed a series of ownership transitions.

A fellow NBA luminary and former Clippers standout, DeAndre Jordan, originally secured the property in late 2015, making a substantial investment of $12.7 million in the contemporary residence. Remarkably, Jordan’s tenure was short-lived, spanning less than six months before he opted to place the property on the market. Ultimately, he incurred a million-dollar loss upon its sale, transferring ownership to local hedge fund professional Curtis Macnguyen.

Exemplifying a majestic Cape Cod architectural style, the grandeur of the residence is a creation of distinguished developer Ramtin Ray Nosrati from Huntington Estate Properties.

The residence stands as a colossal testament to luxurious living, boasting an expansive expanse exceeding 10,000 square feet, encompassing seven bedrooms and a generous count of ten bathrooms.

Positioned within the sought-after Riviera neighborhood enclave, the estate is nestled within a pocket that enjoys immense popularity.